About Us

Church on the Weald was planted in 2012 with the purpose of reaching the Weald with the love and good news of Jesus Christ. Since then we have grown, with people joining us from villages and towns across the Weald. These include Tenterden, Biddenden, Headcorn, Shadoxhurst, Cranbrook, High Halden, Woodchurch, Appledore, Sandhurst, Wittersham, Robertsbridge, and more! We gather together at Tenterden Leisure Centre on Sunday mornings, and meet in smaller groups in different communities throughout the week. Although there may only be one or two people or families in a village, our vision is to eventually see a mid-week Jesus-centred community in each of those locations for prayer, support of one another, and ultimately making a real difference to the areas we live in by introducing people to Jesus as we follow Him together. We have already seen miracles of God’s healing and provision for those in our church family and beyond, and wonderful examples of loving and caring for each another through difficult times. We look forward to seeing this happening more and more.

We believe it is healthy to connect and enjoy friendship with other groups of Christians, so we keep ourselves accountable as a church by inviting and being served by other Ephesian 4 ministries. We are also finding God joining our hearts with many others from across the globe who are keen to work together to see the good news spread, while at the same time enjoying friendship and the opportunity to learn from each other.

Because Jesus has welcomed us, we can welcome others. We are just a regular group of people who have chosen to follow Jesus, and are trying to put our focus onto him rather than on ourselves. We are on a journey to know Him better – to understand that we are forgiven, that He has removed our sins and shown us grace, and to study the Bible (God’s word to us), empowered by the Holy Spirit who helps us. If this doesn’t make much sense to you, we’d love the opportunity to chat with you in person. Although we are just a bunch of ordinary folk, we happen to know an extraordinary God!

If any of this resonates with you and your story, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us at hello@churchontheweald.com.

Our Vision

We believe that God has simply called us to follow Jesus – it says in the Bible that He is the giver of life, and we want everyone to know the forgiveness and grace that He has for us. We are restored to God through the gospel, transformed by the gospel, compelled to love each other because of the gospel, and ultimately, it is the gospel that brings glory to God. The good news of Jesus drives everything we do. It’s the message we preach, share and hope to live by.

One of our distinctives is that we want to reflect the love of Jesus – to be a place for the broken and hurting to find rest and restoration. We will unashamedly preach Jesus – week in, week out, so that as a church we become deeply rooted in Him. We understand that everyone is equally important to Jesus and we believe God is calling us to be a help to anyone who may come through our doors. Furthermore, we want to train and equip the church to go out into the community to seek, love and bring peace to those who are isolated and alone, to help them regain confidence and find genuine loving community and friendship through the message of hope given to us by Jesus Christ.

about us

Our Values

We are a church that…

Communicates the gospel through our words, works and wonders. We are convinced of God’s power to save and endeavour to communicate the love of God wherever we go.

Encourages and equips everyone to be an effective witness and to fulfil the church’s call to reach our locale and beyond, to the very ends of the earth.

Is regularly committed to the teaching and preaching of the Bible.

Actively seeks after and prizes: God’s presence, leading and the gifts of the Spirit. Encourages freedom in worship and body ministry.

Are assured of the grace of God in our lives and the full promises of God for our lives.

Is a loving community caring for the needs of one another and convinced of the need to meet together in larger gatherings (Sundays) and smaller settings during the week.

Encourages its believers to be baptised in water and in the Holy Spirit.

Highly values Biblical family life, where husband and wife embrace male servant leadership and joyful female submission, where Godly parenting is taught and practised and where the special value of singleness and its unique opportunities are affirmed.

Is led by elders (servant-leaders) who are ordained by the Holy Spirit and recognised and confirmed through apostolic ministry and who care for the church.

Is committed to prayer.

Endeavours to engage fully with apostolic mission and vision. This includes welcoming recognised Ephesian 4 ministries for our encouragement and accountability.

Practices the scriptures teaching for us to hold no prejudice in how we relate across cultures, races and sexes.

Actively engages with the local community, being salt and light wherever we go and building good relationships with other churches and organisations.