We are delighted to be able to support those who have moved to this country with different native languages through our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes. Depending on demand and the needs of the course members, these run once or twice a week, and cover a wide range of conversational and business English topics. They are very informal and lots of fun! Our course members are always welcome to join us for other church gatherings and events too.

Christianity Unwrapped

Every so often we run a six-week Christianity Unwrapped course for those who are curious about Jesus, exploring what they believe, or interested in finding out more about the Christian faith. The sessions are usually held in a local coffee shop and are very open and informal, with a short talk about the basics of Christianity followed by a discussion and the opportunity to ask any questions you like. Feedback about the courses has always been fantastic, and afterwards there is no obligation at all to continue gathering with us at Church on the Weald, although many do continue their journey of exploring the meaning of life with us.

Book Club

Our ladies’ book club meets fortnightly, usually over a shared lunch in people’s homes. We like to read a chapter or two at home and another chapter or two together, then discuss what we have read as we go along. We started with Mike Betts’ Relational Mission – A Way of Life book, but we have read both Christian and non-Christian books together in the past, although we always look at them from the perspective of Jesus’ teaching and our faith in Him. All ladies are welcome, and we love the discussion that comes from a diverse group.