John 3 – Part 2

What does it mean to really put Christ first? To allow Him to take the glory and for us to not be in the limelight takes true humility, which is not as easy as it first sounds.

John 2

We cover 2 key stories from the life of Jesus - The turning of water into wine and Jesus’ discussion with his mother. We then move on to what we can learn from Jesus the table turner!

John 1 – Part 3

This week we focus on Peter’s journey to following Christ and draw encouragement from the fact that it wasn’t a single call but the fruit of his brother witnessing, a prophetic word and several calls. More like our experience of sharing our faith than we realise...?

John 1 – Part 2

Continuing in John 1, we look at the challenges of being a ‘lone voice in the wilderness’, maybe the only Christian witness in our family, workplace etc. and how to remain excited and in love with Jesus.

John 1 – Part 1

Starting our new series teaching through the book of John, we look at an overview of the book itself and then look at what it means to have the creator of the universe dwell (‘tabernacle’) among us.