On Sundays, we all meet together at Homewood School at 10.15am. Although it doesn’t necessarily follow the same format every week, usually there is a time of worshipping Jesus with music and songs followed by a break for refreshments, then teaching from the Bible and praying together. Our gatherings are vibrant, friendly and informal, and we welcome people from all backgrounds and walks of life. If you like to dress nicely for church, go for it, but jeans and a t-shirt are equally fine too. Just come as you are, and please stay afterwards to chat over more coffee and cake!


Age 3-11

After spending about half an hour together in the main hall on Sundays, children of primary school age are welcome to visit our children’s group. It’s a safe and fun place for them to learn and make new friends. We teach from the Bible using games, stories, music, craft, and other activities. All our leaders are DBS checked, and you can request a copy of Church on the Weald’s safeguarding policy at any time. On the last Sunday of every month, we have a bouncy castle in the leisure centre’s sports hall, so that is always a session to look forward to (and bring friends to!).


AGE 11-18

Our young people also have a youth programme with a range of activities, from meals together to separate teaching and discussion on alternate Sunday mornings, to bowling and trampoline trips (not at the same time!). Friends are more than welcome to come along too – it doesn’t matter what your background is or what you believe; this group is a fantastic place to meet others and ask questions in a safe and friendly setting. Again, all leaders are DBS checked.

Life Groups

Our life groups are central to Church on the Weald. Although we all gather together on Sundays, during the week we meet in smaller groups, called life groups, which meet in homes across the Weald. They are called life groups because they are one way in which we ‘do life’ together, and also because we want to encourage one another to bless and serve the lives of the communities that we live and meet in. At the moment there are two life groups meeting in the Weald, alternating between different locations, but our vision is to see a life group in every town or village across the Weald, so if there isn’t one already near you, hopefully there will be soon. It doesn’t matter where you are a Christian already in your walk with God, or if you’re still exploring and not sure what you believe yet, life groups are a wonderful way to connect with Church on the Weald and get to know us better.

Deeper Evenings

Birthed from a new collective hunger to dig deeper into studying the bible, and the desire to spend more time worshipping Jesus, we now gather together once a month on a Sunday evening. We alternate each month with either a word or a worship session; where we ask the Holy Spirit to speak to us as a body, and as individuals in new ways. Whether he brings us fresh understanding of a bible passage or gives us an opportunity to enjoy God’s presence together, this is a great time to spend getting to know the God we worship better. These evenings are open to everyone and the upcoming dates can be found here.

Prayer & Fasting

Once a month, we encourage each other to spend a day praying and fasting, and all the life groups come together in the evening to share what God has been saying to us, worship and praying to Jesus together, and break our fast. These are wonderful times of encouragement and inspiration.


The church is led by a group of elders who are responsible for the spiritual leadership and life of the church. They oversee pastoral care, carry the main responsibility of preaching and teaching, and set the vision and values of Church on the Weald. They are supported by others in leadership roles in other areas of church life.